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Morris & Co - Emery Walkers

May’s Coverlet Fabric

May’s Coverlet Fabric

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Product Information:

In the bedroom of Emery Walker’s House lies a most incredible object, now interpreted by the Morris & Co. design studio; a crewel embroidered coverlet. Created by May Morris, daughter of William Morris, for Emery’s wife, Mary, during the last bedridden years of her life, it exemplifies May’s astonishing needlework abilities. It also stands as a beautiful tribute to the friendship enjoyed between the Morris and Walker women, and the creativity that love inspired. A treasured item, the coverlet was used as the pall on the coffin of many members of the Walker household.

May’s Coverlet is made using hand-guided embroidery on a 100% linen base cloth to carefully replicate the fine stitching pattern by May Morris.

Fabric width: 50.0"                                Fabric length: 39.37"

Horizontal Pattern repeat: 9.65”           Vertical Pattern Repeat: 15.43"  

Design Match: Straight


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